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Friday, December 28, 2012


Realized something today. Probably brought to the surface by my Advent reading. I AM NOT A LITERALIST.  And I'm strictly an amateur here. The original sin was not eating the fruit. When Satan (whatever he/she is) basically said "I know something you don't know." Eve didn't say "that's very interesting let me double check with the Lord, I'll get back to you." She didn't trust God, she trusted a stranger.

Look around us. Lack of trust is choking us to death.Be afraid of the elected hired help; they;re out to get you. Be afraid of your neighbors, they might hurt you, kill you. You need to get them before they can get you. And for too many women in too many countries that fear is very real, and the authorities that are supposed to protect them don't.

 Listen to this year's crop of losers. "It's not my fault." "Our message is good, we just need to package it better."

And the newest? From Mitt's oldest son no less. Now here this. Daddy didn't really want to president. Well, kid, you could have fooled me.

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