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Sunday, June 10, 2012


Mucho news stories on gay rights and other controversies etc over the weekend. With the expected comments for the fundagelicals. It’s against the Bible, so on and so forth ad nauseaum. And I really am getting nauseas. When are we going to have freedom FROM religion in this country?

“ Why do we have to be tolerant when they are pushing their beliefs on others?” This is the final sentence from a comment that HP deleted. The fundies either don’t realize or just don’t give a damn that this sentence can apply to them as well. Yes, I know freedom of religion is guaranteed in the constitution. At least the part about the government not establishing a religion, Why DO the rest of us have to be tolerant when the bigots hide behind the claim of religious freedom to spread their hate?

I was raised with the idea of I protect your rights and you protect my rights. But, that’s not how it’s working out these days. The fundies insist on their protections and they’ll think about protecting the rights of the rest of us if they feel like it.

I’m coming round to the idea that Christianity as we know it in this country has to be replaced with; I’m not sure what. Perhaps some combination of the beliefs that were suppressed in the first centuries combined with the best of the old religions. But, what we have now is pure poison and it’s destroying us.

We’ll have true religious freedom in this country when a Druid can be elected president…or a Muslim