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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Thomas Merton asks:

“How am I to know the will of God? Even where there is no more explicit claim on my obedience, such as a legitimate command, the very nature of each situation usually bears written into itself some indication of God’s will. For whatever is demanded by truth, by justice, by mercy, or by love must surely be taken to be willed by God. To consent to His will is, then, to consent to be true, or to speak truth, or to at least seek it. To obey Him is to respond to His will expressed in the need of another person, or at least to respect the rights of others. For the rights of another man is the expression of God’s love and God’s will. In demanding that I respect the rights of another God is not merely asking me to conform to some abstract arbitrary law: He is enabling me to share, as His son, in His own care for my brother. No man who ignores the rights and needs of others can hope to walk in the light of contemplation, because his way has turned away from truth, from compassion, and therefore from God.” In The New Seeds of Contemplation.

If I was to judge the Republican candidates by Thomas Merton’s criteria, I’m afraid they would all come up short. Very, very short.

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